Shareholders and Share Capital

Share Capital

Cofle’s capital stock currently consists of 6.155.996 shares of common stocks.

Valfin S.r.l., the holding company of the Barbieri family, holds 78.4% of the share capital.

Below are holdings by ISIN exceeding 2% as of the dividend record date on 22/05/2024:


Azionista Number of ordinary shares % of Share Capital
Valfin S.r.l. 4.827.056 78,4%
Smart Agri S.r.l.* 239.265 3,9%
Indepandance AM Sicav* 158.143 2,6%
Market 931.532 15,1%
TOTAL 6.155.996 100%
* no lock-up
Last Update 03/06/2024


Disclosure obligations of Significant Shareholders

Pursuant to the Euronext Growth Milan Issuers’ Regulations, any person who holds at least 5% of a
class of ordinary shares of Cofle S.p.A. is a “Significant Shareholder”.
Reaching or exceeding the thresholds of 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 50%, 66.6%, and
90%, as well as reductions below those thresholds, constitute a “Substantial Change” that
must be communicated by the Significant Shareholders to the administrative body of Cofle S.p.A..

To this end, the Significant Shareholder must notify Cofle S.p.A. of the Substantial Change
in a timely manner and in any case within 4 trading days of the day on which it became aware of the transaction
knowledge of the transaction that may give rise to the obligation, regardless of the date of its
date of execution, or from the day on which the party subject to the obligation became aware of the events that entailed
events entailing changes in the share capital by indicating:

1. your identity

2. the date on which Cofle S.p.A. was informed;

3. the date on which the Substantial Change in Shareholdings took place;

4. the nature and extent of the Significant Shareholder’s stake in the transaction.

The communication must be made using the attached form, (download here) to be transmitted both via e-mail
and via PEC respectively to the following addresses:;