2 April 2021


Agriculture was less affected than other sectors by the pandemic shock wave that began about a year ago.


The main reason is to be found in the almost obvious choice of the Government to include the agricultural sector in the list of activities deemed necessary, thus managing not to be subject to the prohibitions imposed for other productive activities.

No difficulties?

Not exactly, some operational troubles have caused certain activities to face different impediments or limitations in carrying out the activity itself.

What remedies?

The Government has tried to mitigate the economic effects of the pandemic on some particularly affected activities with the use of decrees-law, ad hoc measures to guarantee the liquidity of agricultural business.

What will the future of agriculture be like?

Certainly digitization and modernization; agriculture 4.0 will be one of the main drivers of the post-Covid restart. Coldiretti (Italian National Farmers Confederation) has developed several strategic projects including the digitization of countryside and specific interventions in sectors facing difficulty such as cereal cultivation. According to Dino Scanavino, president of CIA-Italian Farmers, to guarantee a recovery in sure times it is necessary that this recovery must be characterized by an agricultural soul.

What interventions needed?

Investments in rural areas, incentives for the restoration of buildings, renewal of machinery fleet, modernization of road and technological infrastructures. A modernization of the agricultural sector will allow companies to be more competitive on the international market.

What are the challenges in agriculture and for Cofle Group OEM division?

The challenge that large tractor manufacturers will face in the immediate future has a precise name: Stage V. With this regulation, Europe defines the guideline and the limits of gas emissions from diesel engines. The off-road sector has so taken the same direction as road-vehicles sector: less pollution.

In this moment of transition, the big players of the sector take advantage of the change in the motorization and in the treatment of the exhaust gases to makeover the tractors: from what is in the cabin to what is in the transmission side. Cofle, with its “all-in-house” production and customised solutions, is ready to intercept new customer requests by aligning the product range to these new requirements.