28 July 2021

Walter Barbieri

We are here today to introduce you to our CEO Walter Barbieri; through his words, we can trace his vision of person and company.

Hi Walter, you have been CEO of Cofle for 20 years now; what does it mean to be in charge of a group that employs over 500 people?

When also considering the spillover generated, about 1000 people have found a job and an economic tranquility that allowed them to plan a serene future, or start a family.

It is my great responsibility and a great honor to fulfill perhaps the one true purpose of life: as far as we can, to leave the world better than we found it.

Before becoming CEO, you played a variety of roles in the company; how much did these experiences help you to become the person and businessman you are now?

I started unloading trucks, and then working in any business area. Getting your hands dirty, taking “the bull by the horns”, is crucial. Books are important too, but joined with practical experience. Otherwise, culture alone risks being little pragmatic and often inconclusive. So, my advice is to study and read, but at the same time live firsthand and in a practical way every business area. Only after this long journey, you can say you really know the company and its business, and then be able to manage it in the best way.

Last year has been challenging for everyone; how did you organize the management of business processes?

Technology has allowed us to maintain relationships anyway, and to manage optimally this time when it is difficult to travel and meet in person. Moreover, our proven and secure management systems avoided the interruption of internal supply chain, and the subsequent deliveries to our customers.

Cofle is in constant evolution; how does the future look for the company?

The future challenges will be for sure demanding: the electrical transition in the automotive field and the technological transition in the farm equipment, are forcing us to make an important leap towards the development of mechatronic remote control systems.

Cofle Group is ready to face these new challenges, through constant investments in R&D and the development of new products and new business lines. At the same time, it’s also strengthening its market position through its foreign subsidiaries, in order to oversee the most promising and still developing markets.

Cofle is a dynamic company, with an ambitious and modern vision, marked by continuous growth both internal and through extraordinary M&A operations, which will be made possible in the near future thanks to the opening of capital to third parties.